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Lessons for all ages and abilities, We can cater for you

HOTSHOTS (4-12yrs)

Hotshots is a Tennis Australia program designed to get kids of all ages involved in tennis no matter their ability. With modified equipment and modified courts, it is easy for any child to play. The philosophy is ‘learn through play’. This means every game is fun and interactive, learning basic skills and to rally at a young age. There are 3 main stages in hotshots- Red, Orange, and Green ball. 



Junior Group coaching is designed for those that wish to learn tennis in a group environment. These lessons cater for students 12yrs or older who are looking for either the following: Social aspect, competitive, or those who want that stepping-stone into squad sessions in the future. 



Adult group lessons are designed for adults of all of ages and abilities. Whether you are a competition player or a total beginner, this is a fantastic way to sharpen up on your skills. The program is designed to teach players technical and tactical awareness to then transition what they learn into competition play. 



Cardio tennis is a program designed for anyone who wants to get fit and make friends. Cardio tennis is based on fitness drills combined with tennis. There is no technique work in this which is perfect for players who are new to the sport. It is also fantastic for players who are playing competition who want to improve on their overall fitness so they can last longer in their matches. No matter what skill you are or fitness level, cardio tennis can cater for everyone.



Privates are a one-on-one service that provides more in-depth work, focusing on the player’s technique as well as their tactical side. Privates are designed for people of all ages and abilities who wish to improve their overall game fast. Generally, for players who are involved in competition/ tournament play or have a goal of competing in the future. 

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